Friday, November 9, 2007


it's about time i say hello to the world in more ways than one. blogging... huh? what will you find here? anything & everything i want to communicate :)

so where to begin? september 14, 1977 in a small town in illinois - just kidding - not going to start that far back. while i know we are all told to never look back, i'm sure "my past" will emerge from time to time.

so why radar hill brian? radar hill was located in kaneohe bay, hawaii. every so often we would run up radar hill. it was by no means the tallest or the most difficult of hills to run; heck there are much steeper & higher elevation hills here in austin. regardless, it was one of the first hills that i ever ran & it felt good when you reached the top. it was difficult to get to the top so when you made it, especially when you made it there fast, it felt good. don't forget it was hawaii & we were right on the water, so the view at the top of that hill was amazing.

radar hill is a constant reminder for me that sometimes things are going to be tough. no matter how many times i ran it, the journey was always unique. some days i would make it to the top so quickly you'd think i had mini rockets attached to me feet & other days it felt as if bricks were tied to my shoes & i'd wonder why i was doing this? the answer always awaited me at the top. that feeling of finishing something tough & knowing that you pushed on through & made it. better yet, the view was there to enjoy.

i think this same thing exists everywhere in life. sometimes you've got to push on through, even when it hurts & you think you've got nothing left in the tank. when you do obtain what you set out to accomplish no one can take that feeling away from you.

remember, it all starts with that first step. in the case of this blog, those first words. stay tuned for what's to come.


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