Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ultimate super healthy pumpkin bread, version I

i thought it was pretty funny when roland (a good buddy & colleague) told me that my original "super healthy pumpkin bread" recipe was a #1 hit on google. at the same time, the recipe rocks & if you are a fan of pumpkin bread & watching your waist line then this recipe is for you.

the original recipe was posted back in jan. '08 & like most recipes it has evolved over time. the feedback/comments i received & my unrealistic approach to make every food ridiculously healthy & tasty too has motivated me to release the "ultimate super healthy pumpkin bread" recipe.

if you dare...

dry ingredients:

3 1/2 cups: whole wheat flour

2 tbspoons: milled flax

2 tbspoons: whole flax

1 1/2 tspoons: salt

2 tspoons: baking soda

4 tspoons: nutmeg

4 tspoons: cinnamon

1/2 cup: raisins

1 cup: walnuts (go wild & add as many of your favorite type of nut)

1 scoop: EAS vanilla protein powder (of all the ingredients this is the most optional)

wet ingredients:

2/3 cup: water

1 cup: apple sauce

4 egg beaters (or real eggs if you prefer)

1 tspoon: vanilla

1 tbspoon: honey

1 tbspoon: blue agave

mix all ingredients together

oil pans (makes 2 pans) with oil (i use grapeseed oil) & then dust the pans with whole wheat flour to prevent the bread from sticking

bake at 350 degrees for 1hr & 5mins

enjoy with family & friends!


the results: unfortunately for me the results weren't so good... i will of course eat every bit of this pumpkin bread & i'll enjoy knowing that it is super healthy, but even i will have to add something to each slice to give it some flavor. probably just smear on some peanut butter, jam, or honey.

version II of this recipe coming soon.