Wednesday, January 2, 2008

super healthy pumpkin bread

i would have taken a picture of the actual bread but i ate both loaves to quickly. if you don't want the super healthy version & don't mind settling for the healthy version you just need to add some sugar. kristin recommends 1 1/2 cups of sugar. this bread really is amazing folks!

super healthy pumpkin bread recipe:

- 3 1/2 cups: whole wheat flour
- 1 1/2 tspoons: salt
- 2 tspoons: baking soda
- 4 tspoons: nutmeg
- 4 tspoons: cinnamon
- 1 cup: chopped walnuts

mix dry ingredients together

- 2/3 cup: water
- 1 cup: apple sauce
- 4 egg beaters (or real eggs if you prefer)
- 1 can: pumpkin

- mix all ingredients together
- spray pans (makes 2 pans) with pam & then dust pans with whole wheat flour
- bake at 350 degrees for 1 hr & 10 mins

now keep this stuff away from me because i'll eat it all immediately!


Eryn said...

i think this is the same pumpkin bread i had last year the morning after the wine tasting and then pulled a "stan" and threw up an hour later in poor kearney's solara!

i'm sure i didn't ruin it for myself though, i'll give this recipe another shot....any excuse to use my kitchen aid mixer!

Brian Kirk said...

don't knock the pumpkin bread until you've tried it on a stomach that isn't full of 10 different types of wine.

Anonymous said...

Great recipe, Thanks!!
I used the "healthy" recipe with adding 1.5 C of sugar, also added a little vanilla and used pecans. Next time I will add shredded apples and maybe some raisins.

Ruby said...

thank you so much, I was looking for a recipe just like this!!
do you have any good ones for Zucchini bread???

Anonymous said...

This may be a silly question, but when you say 1 can of pumpkin, do you mean the large 29oz Libby can or a 15oz can? Thanks so much!

Brian Kirk said...

use the 15oz can & be sure not use the can with added spices. we hope you enjoy.

Anonymous said...

i don't mind using whole eggs, so how many should i use? thanks! can't wait to try this recipe!

Brian Kirk said...

i apologize to all for the goof on the ingredient list. i meant "4 egg beaters", not "4 egg whites." of course you can use 4 real eggs if you prefer. i've updated the ingredient list for future reference.

Anonymous said...

To make a different variety of the healthy, I would suggest honey. Honey is all natural, less refined, and super duper delicious. You can usually get a similar sweetness with less.

I suggest wild flower over the clove, as it has more depth. It will also pair nicely with the pumpkin and the spices. Also, I recommend using cardamom with the nutmeg and cinnamon. It's a bit of a kick, but the honey will mellow it out. When I make homemade applesauce, I use honey and cardamom.

Honey makes breads brown faster, so drop the temperature 25 degrees.

I am so happy there are healthy recipes out there for this stuff. I think this will also work by substituting fresh butternut squash or acorn squash!

Anonymous said...

Can I substitute shredded apple instead of apple sauce ? If yes how much ?
Can I substitute fresh pumpkin (roasted maybe) instead of canned ?

Brian Kirk said...

@Anonymous1 i think the honey was a great idea - thanks! agave nectar makes for a great substitute for some of the sugar also.

Brian Kirk said...

@Anonymous2 fresh is always better in my opinion. i would assume the ratio would be 1-to-1 for the canned options.