Sunday, September 28, 2008

craigslist powers ACL

for the past few weeks i've been tossing around the idea of heading out to ACL this weekend. i've never been & with my bro from hawaii (bryan) moving to austin this weekend i thought for sure we'd have a blast at ACL this weekend. ACL sort of reminds me of the big mele in hawaii (huge outdoor music event with multiple BIG name bands).

this wednesday kristin scored two free ACL tickets for sunday & a day later she scored us two tickets (not free) tickets to the UT versus arkansas football game. talk about a sweet weekend in austin!

when bryan arrived friday we took him & bryan's good friend monica to manuels for some pupus (hawaiian for appetizers) & drinks at manuels in the arboretum. we then took the windy tour down 360 to maudies for dinner & drinks outside. jennifer & eduardo joined us for dinner too!

saturday was a blast. the game was over by the end of the 1st quarter though. the horns smashed the razorbacks; final score was 52 - 10. texas put their 2nd string team in before the 3rd quarter was over actually. after the game, bryan & i cruised over to opal divines for a beer & then we headed home. kristin cooked up orange ruffy for dinner & we washed it all done with some red bridge gluten free beer (see celiac disease).

bryan & i slept in late (7:20 AM) this morning, but kristin was up before the sun & hit the trail to knock out a half marathon. we took payton out for some exercise where he showed us his wings (long & scary story) & then we returned home to watch what was left of the CBS sunday morning show & then i made up omelets for breakfast.

around 11AM, bryan had to head out to meet up with a realtor in hopes of scoring a new pad for he & the family (carol & kasey). kristin & i started working on bills/budget & before we knew what happened the 2nd round of sunday football was starting. around 4PM we took of for some bird grub & on the way we stopped off at bone daddy's (kristin lost a bet & owed me a beer) for a quick drink. we then cruised to the bird to fill our bellys & by the time we returned home it was 6:30 PM. the bears game was starting in a few & i had to get up early the next morning to head to houston for an executive retreat & there were only a couple of bands left to see at ACL by this time (gnarles barkley & the foo fighters).

believe it or not we decided just to cash in & stay at home to watch the bears game & relax before this next week started. in an effort to get something for these tickets i quickly posted an ad "2x ACL tickets for $20 - still time to catch the foo fighters & gnarles barkley" to craigslist. within 30-minutes of posting i had 5 people e-mailing me for them. in less than an hour i had them sold to two UT college dudes who had driven here from central austin. by the time i had come back to the house to tear down the ad from craigslist i had 10 more e-mails asking if i still had the tickets available.

it's crazy how people are watching craigslist & are that quick to move on something. with craigslist, it's a wonder that anyone ever throws anything away or has a garage sale. as soon as you decide you don't want/need something anymore, just throw it on craigslist. regardless of what it is, it is sure to sell. one man's trash, another man's treasure.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

food photo log – thu, sep 18, 2008 – dinner

place: market bar
location: san francisco, CA
companionship: solo (assuming iPhone doesn’t count)

the food:
- appetizer: n/a
- main course: seared ahi tuna tonnato w/ helga beans, tomato, & shallots
- sides: spinach & forest mushrooms
- drink: 1-pint/750mL of Pellegrino
- dessert: n/a

restaurant décor: 2
restaurant chatter/scene: 2
restaurant service: 1
meal taste: 2
meal presentation: 1

price before tip: $38.00

rating scale: 1 – fantastic, 2 – just OK, 3 – horrible

food photo log – wed, sep 17, 2008 – dinner

place: the slanted door
location: san francisco, CA
companionship: trevor, karthik, & neil (nick met us at the bar after dinner)

the food:
- appetizer: dozen oysters, alaskan black cod roll, daikon rice cakes with shitake mushrooms & shallots, & a green papaya salad w/ tofu, rau ram, & roasted peanuts
- main course: niman ranch shaking beef, chicken claypot, & oven roasted alaskan halibut
- sides: see dinner menu
- drink: zinfandel, dashe, mcfadden farms, potter valley, 2007 & blue bottle pressed coffee
- dessert: ruby port poached figs w/ hazelnuts & spicy chocolate & house made ginger ice cream

restaurant décor: 1
restaurant chatter/scene: 1
restaurant service: 2
meal taste: 1
meal presentation: 1

price before tip: $200+ but i don’t know the exact price

rating scale: 1 – fantastic, 2 – just OK, 3 – horrible

brian is beginning a food photo log

i enjoy really good food for fueling the body & the heart. i’m not sure why, but for years now i’ve been taking pics of a good number of my meals. every now & then i’ll post a pic online, but the good majority of them just end up on my PC & after some number of months pass i can’t remember when i had the meal, who i was with, or whether or not i even enjoyed the meal. so in an effort to give a little love back to radarhill (given my absence since starting our corporate blog) i am going to take a simplistic approach of posting my food photos & providing a quick blurb about the meal.

the layout of each food photo log will read something like:

title of post: food photo log – day of week, month, date, year – (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack)

place: where i was
location: city & state
the companionship: who i was with

the food:
- appetizer: usually soup, salad, or some tiny portion of food that costs a lot
- main course: usually the most exciting part of the meal
- sides: ya know, the things that come on the side
- drink: what i was drinking beyond standard tap water

- dessert: the sweet stuff

restaurant décor: the feel & setup of the restaurant
restaurant chatter/scene: evaluating the other diners, the vibe, & the noise level
restaurant service: usually focusing on the waiter
meal taste: self explanatory (as if the ones from above weren’t)
meal presentation: everything from the stem ware to how the meal looked

price before tip: i figure why not include how much it costs to eat these meals

rating scale: 1 – fantastic, 2 – just OK, 3 – horrible

i hope you enjoy my food pics as much as i enjoy taking them. i’ll kick this food photo log of with my next post from dinner at the slanted door.

banana republic can't make socks

this past sunday, september 14th, kristin helped expand my wardrobe by buying me some new threads for my birthday. yes, last sunday i turned 31 & no I will not forgive "you" for forgetting to wish me a happy birthday.

one of the many new additions to my wardrobe that kristin showered me with were socks (4-pairs) from banana republic. she got me two brown pair & two black pair with fancy blue patterns on the black pair & fancy orange patterns on the brown pair. OK, the colors don’t matter actually. what matters is that i get it across to everyone that these fancy socks from banana republic suck.

initially i thought that they were great. i liked the style, how they looked, & how they felt. of course after wearing a pair for the first time i realized very quickly that the quality in these socks were crap. the diamond pattern on the pair i wore was already fraying after one wear. the threads had come apart almost entirely & i’m sure after one wash in the washing machine these socks would be in complete shambles. i’m not even going to bother trying to wear the other three pair that kris got me. instead i am going to return all four pair to banana republic & let them know how disappointed i am in their quality, especially given the $8.50 price tag per pair.

banana republic may offer great shirts, pants, & other items of clothing, but when it comes to socks they really suck (i could have written stink things up instead of suck, but i can’t bear to sink that low in my writing, not yet anyway).

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

don't be fooled by the corn refiners association

i saw one of the two new commercials released by the corn refiners association (CFA) while in the gym last week & i wanted to punch the goof-ball actors in this commercial in the face before the ad ended. the CFA attempts to make people think that high fructose corn syrup isn’t bad for you. this type of propaganda stinks something awful!

i am happy to redirect your attention to our friends over at the cleaner plate club who did a great job of responding to this piece of garbage commercial.