Thursday, September 18, 2008

brian is beginning a food photo log

i enjoy really good food for fueling the body & the heart. i’m not sure why, but for years now i’ve been taking pics of a good number of my meals. every now & then i’ll post a pic online, but the good majority of them just end up on my PC & after some number of months pass i can’t remember when i had the meal, who i was with, or whether or not i even enjoyed the meal. so in an effort to give a little love back to radarhill (given my absence since starting our corporate blog) i am going to take a simplistic approach of posting my food photos & providing a quick blurb about the meal.

the layout of each food photo log will read something like:

title of post: food photo log – day of week, month, date, year – (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack)

place: where i was
location: city & state
the companionship: who i was with

the food:
- appetizer: usually soup, salad, or some tiny portion of food that costs a lot
- main course: usually the most exciting part of the meal
- sides: ya know, the things that come on the side
- drink: what i was drinking beyond standard tap water

- dessert: the sweet stuff

restaurant décor: the feel & setup of the restaurant
restaurant chatter/scene: evaluating the other diners, the vibe, & the noise level
restaurant service: usually focusing on the waiter
meal taste: self explanatory (as if the ones from above weren’t)
meal presentation: everything from the stem ware to how the meal looked

price before tip: i figure why not include how much it costs to eat these meals

rating scale: 1 – fantastic, 2 – just OK, 3 – horrible

i hope you enjoy my food pics as much as i enjoy taking them. i’ll kick this food photo log of with my next post from dinner at the slanted door.

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