Thursday, September 18, 2008

banana republic can't make socks

this past sunday, september 14th, kristin helped expand my wardrobe by buying me some new threads for my birthday. yes, last sunday i turned 31 & no I will not forgive "you" for forgetting to wish me a happy birthday.

one of the many new additions to my wardrobe that kristin showered me with were socks (4-pairs) from banana republic. she got me two brown pair & two black pair with fancy blue patterns on the black pair & fancy orange patterns on the brown pair. OK, the colors don’t matter actually. what matters is that i get it across to everyone that these fancy socks from banana republic suck.

initially i thought that they were great. i liked the style, how they looked, & how they felt. of course after wearing a pair for the first time i realized very quickly that the quality in these socks were crap. the diamond pattern on the pair i wore was already fraying after one wear. the threads had come apart almost entirely & i’m sure after one wash in the washing machine these socks would be in complete shambles. i’m not even going to bother trying to wear the other three pair that kris got me. instead i am going to return all four pair to banana republic & let them know how disappointed i am in their quality, especially given the $8.50 price tag per pair.

banana republic may offer great shirts, pants, & other items of clothing, but when it comes to socks they really suck (i could have written stink things up instead of suck, but i can’t bear to sink that low in my writing, not yet anyway).

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