Tuesday, January 1, 2008

product placement

i’ll lead off by saying i am fool for even watching tranformers the movie. the TV cartoon kept me company for many years & i wanted to see what it was all about. of course i knew the autobots would win in the end; i am referring to the special effects folks & how technology put this movie together. from the get go i couldn’t understand why bumble bee was a chevy camaro. everyone knows that bumble bee was a freakin VW bug. then i started doing some googling while watching the movie (i was at home & kristin was at central market enjoying a wine tasting) & i discovered that GM sponsored a good portion of the movie. hence why the autobots where all GM vehicles & the decepticon vehicles where ford (camaro versus mustang).

as i continued watching the movie i started looking for even more product placement. this movie was full of it. i suppose the audience for such a movie is quite vast unlike most of the grammy award winners that actually involve a story that requires some thinking, some emotion, & a damn good script. so what other product placements did i find while watching this movie?

an HP laptop, cisco, ebay (probably appeared 20 times), a reference to the 40 year old virgin movie, GM vehicles (the new camaro, a hummer, cadillac, pontiac, & GMC), apple computer, ford mustang, yahoo, the washington redskins, burger king, reference to the taco bell dog, radio shack, & mountain dew.

i find product placement in so many places now – it’s actually become very annoying. also, we’ve got to be cognizant of where we get our news & what stations fund what other programs, companies, politicians, etc. we all know what people think of fox news :)

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