Sunday, November 25, 2007

easier to put in versus take off

on saturday kristin & i caught an impromptu spin class at the gym ( our spin instructor, danielle, kept reminding everyone of their thanksgiving meals & what type of work it was going to take to work it off. she said, it's easier to put in (referring to calories) versus taking it off. how very true we all echoed.

i actually made out well this thanksgiving. on thanksgiving day kristin & i ran the turkey trot 5-mile race. the course was pretty hilly & given that the temperature drastically dropped 30+ degrees that morning it made it a lot tougher than your normal 5-mile run. we spent thanksgiving with kristin's folks here in town. kristin's mom was responsible for the turkey, which was awesome, & kristin brought the sides & the desserts. given that kristin has become so health conscious recently everything we ate was very healthy for us.

the weather continued to spoil work-out plans this weekend. on friday i slipped in 30 minutes on the elliptical & 30 minutes on weights. it rained & was freezing cold (just above 40 degrees) both saturday & sunday so T3 cancelled their road ride & their long run. as a result we ended up at the gym both days & worked in a spin class each day with a 1-mile run (brick workout) afterwards. i'm planning on getting up early tomorrow & getting my long run in with ed. the plan is to meet at the rock at 5:30 am & get 10 - 14 miles in. i know it's going to be a long & hard week at the office so getting that morning workout in is the only way i can guarantee myself some exercise.

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