Sunday, November 11, 2007

freedom is not free

when logging into blogger this morning i planned on talking about dinner last night at vespaio with kristin & trevor. i wanted to share what a good time we had, how we learned to order off the menu, & how we capped off the night at home with cheese desserts & wine.

and then i was reminded why i'm able to enjoy such luxuries... we have men & women deployed in lands across this world fighting for our freedom. when we can all be at home talking about starbucks putting out their christmas stuff to early, who has the right-of-way on the run trail, & whether we should have our wine tasting party in dec. or jan. is when you know that our troops are doing their job & protecting us from the cruelty & severity of war.

about 5 years ago i threw in the towel on morning & evening TV news casts (thank goodness for NPR). there was such little focus on actual news. i don't care about brittney spears & how she raises her kids, or that conan o'brien has a stalker, or ways to keep your kids in check, or what to wear to compliment your shape, or some horrific story about a child that locked his/herself in a dryer. i want to know about things that are affecting the structure of our world & economy. inform me of decisions being made in congress that will have a lasting effect on future generations, inform me about medical research that is able to save lives & prevent diseases, teach us about our genetic make-up, & explore history & show me new ways to think.

so why is it that most of us woke up today & didn't acknowledge that we are at war? much has to do with the media, but much more has to do with the fact that those men & women are doing their jobs so well that you & me can wake up this veteran's day & talk about brunch plans with friends, decide what time we are going to go to the gym or get a run in, & cross off those last couple of things on our to-do list for the weekend.

let's all be thankful for the sacrifices that our men & women are enduring for our freedom. it goes beyond those that have lost their lives or have been physically & mentally injured. every man & women in uniform (especially those currently deployed) are giving up the simple joys of waking up in their bed, enjoying a real shower, going to a nice dinner with their spouse, helping their children with homework, etc. it's those little things that mean so much & require a type of dedication & discipline that most of us do not have or have yet to realize we have.

as you walk around today, where ever you are, consider why it is that you get to enjoy what you are enjoying. please join me in honoring our men & women in uniform today, nov. 11th 2007 & every day to come.


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