Tuesday, November 20, 2007

just when you think you know someone

i had a rough day at work today & we also had plumbers in/out of the house all day (more to come on that story in a later blog). kristin got home a bit before 7:00 pm & i was still on the phone & making work calls. because of the additional hours, we both missed the spin classes we wanted to get to at the gym. since we couldn't cook tonight (no way to clean dishes since the sink is currently out of commission) we decided to race off to the gym for a quick (45-minute) workout & then eat at firebowl.

we sat down with cindy, the owner of firebowl, & talked about her business operations (kristin & i were entertaining a franchising opportunity with a new chain coming to austin called froots) & other small talk about thanksgiving plans. following a quick meal (kris got tofu tonight - she really is digging this vegetarian thing) we headed to the grocery store to pick up 3 things; we ended up leaving the store with a full shopping cart & we spent $100 plus bucks. on average we are spending $250 bucks a week at the grocery store. i blame it on the ironman :)

a few minutes into our grocery shopping i started to check out the peanut butter. we actually already have two jars of peanut butter at home, i just love the stuff & i'm always checking out the new brands. i made the switch to the natural peanut butter from my beloved jiff many years ago. the natural peanut butter was horrible to begin with, however, about 4 years ago the peanut butter making folks have gotten really good at making natural peanut butter that is capable of giving you that jiff swirl. regardless of my brand selection, i've also gone for the creamy peanut butter.

kristin walks over next to me & tells me to grab a jar of the central market organic CRUNCHY peanut butter. i was blown away... for a minute i thought i was going to need paramedics. as gasped for breath and asked, "since when did you like the CRUNCHY peanut butter?" she answered, "i've always liked the CRUNCHY peanut butter."

we've been together over 6 years now & not once have i seen kristin eat CRUNCHY peanut butter. in the past 6 years we've probably purchased 75 - 100 (we, mostly me, eat a lot of PB) jars of peanut butter & not once has she grabbed a jar of the CRUNCHY style. what gives i ask? how can she not even mention the fact that she liked the CRUNCHY?

i don't know if i am going to be able to sleep well tonight. if you understood how much i loved peanut butter, kristin too, you would understand why this puzzles me so much. i just don't get it. just when you think you know someone, they go & tell ya that they like the CRUNCHY & not the creamy peanut butter. i wonder if the vegetarian diet is making her go crazy... yeh, that's it - that's how i'll rationalize this one for now.

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kris said...

did you know that i like lumpy mashed potatoes?