Monday, November 12, 2007

where did all the flags go?

i can remember the days, weeks, & months following that horrible day in september back in 2001 when almost every car on the road had an american flag on it. whether that flag was in the form of a real flag hooked in the window & flapping in the breeze or a magnet flag attached to the actual car they were everywhere. today you may see one or two; even the yellow ribbons are disappearing.

i'm just as guilty as everyone else on this. two things going on here in my opinion.

1. we are all sheep & just follow the person in front of us
2. we don't value what we have until it is gone or threatened

while i do believe we often fall victim to the "sheep mentality" i'm leaning to towards the idea that we don't value what we have until it is gone or threatened.

i drove to work today & saw more UT stickers & longhorn symbols than anything else. number two on the list of things people stick on their cars were anti-bush messages & pro-green solutions. on a high note, i did see two trucks with the marine corps eagle, globe, & anchor (EGA) & another with a semper fi sticker. at least our marines know what to be thankful for.

to close, i'm not suggesting we all need to run out & buy flags to put on our cars again. in all honesty, i'd prefer to see zero bumper stickers. i am suggesting that we be thankful for what we have & for what sacrifices so many before us have endured so that we could enjoy this freedom. with that, please take the time to find ways to show your support for our country & our troops.



Paul said...

After what I saw this morning on my way to work and reading your blog, I felt compelled to comment. While I was driving this morning, a car speeded past me and shifted across my lane. He had two rear bumper stickers. One was "Who is Ron Paul?" and another sticker said "9-11 was an inside job". My blood was boiling almost instantaneously. I wanted to catch up to him, yell a bunch of profanity, and give him the good ol' middle finger. I am tired of seeing bumper stickers that disrespects our country, our president, and our soldiers. It is time to start carrying a black permanent marker in the car. And why is it that I see more cars with foreign flags dangling over the rear view mirrors than American flags today? I actually like to see people go out and buy American flags for their cars, homes, jobs, and trees. My girfriend and I have a flag shown on our car. We are proud to be Americans like most people in this country (except for that guy with the bumper stickers). I do not imply any person without an American flag on their car or home is in any way less patriotic. Flags are what symbolizes a nation and its peoples. It is what unites us during tragic times and triumps of our nation. Remember how great it felt to see the U.S. flag posted everywhere. Where did all the flags go? It gradually disappeared because our American spirit slowly eroded by politicians, media, newspaper, hollywood, and academia sources. We need a positive rippling effect across this nation again and the American flag is the answer. With so many disturbances in the rest of the world, none can be a greater time than today.

Brian Kirk said...

i hear ya paul & i'm glad both you & angie still have the american spirit & are proud to display it. i think it's time that kristin & i hang a flag at home.

to add, just this weekend i sat down to read about ron paul. i didn't know much about the guy & i've recently noticed a growing number of ron paul supporters around austin. from what i've read he seems to have a sound agenda. i will add that he also seems behind the times & not to in tune with our generation. i heard him responding to a reporter asking about the $4 million he raised in a single day last week & the way he talked about the internet & online donations would make you think he's never sat behind a keyboard.