Thursday, December 27, 2007

renaming bevo to stan

poor bevo... no way, poor bevo's parents that have to clean up after him. since bevo was introduced to payton this morning he has puked 10 times. cubby, our other kitten, hasn't puked once in his life. while cubby isn't a fan of payton either right now; he hasn't turned into a puke machine.

bevo has a tendency to puke now & again. maybe once a month or once a quarter. the point is that he pukes, but NOT 10 times in a single day. this same thing happened a few years ago with our first dog. bevo would just get near payton I & would puke. today, he's puked 10 times. normally one puking episode results in 3 separate puke spots. by end of day he was basically puking stomach acids only; there wasn't any food left in his BIG belly.

we are both hoping for a better day tomorrow.

i got addicted to south park for about a month earlier this year which is how i came up with the south park reference. kearney, one of my employees, turned me onto i knew of south park, but had never seen an actual episode. in the span of that month i watched every season that was posted.

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