Sunday, January 6, 2008

swimming is actually cool

i broke the cardinal rule during this past off season. i didn't practice the worst of my three sports. in fact, i've been avoiding swimming like the plague. today that all changed; i joined t3 this morning for their swim practice & boy did i need it.

i swam 2800 meters which was the longest i've ever swam in the pool for a single workout. the entire workout of various drills took just over 1 hour & 20 minutes. my fingers actually turned into prunes; it was great though. chrissie (coach pain) was awesome & kept me focused throughout the entire workout. i'm not actually as bad as i thought i was either & by the end of the workout i was really enjoying it. granted, i was wiped near the end & i'm sure to be sore (for the first time ever from swimming) tomorrow morning... it was just different pushing myself in the water. it wasn't like a really long run where your knees, feet, or hips start hurting - i was just physically getting tired. the muscles you use when swimming aren't the ones we normally work while in the gym lifting weights. i told kristin that after a month of doing these workouts with t3 (yes, i'm officially signing up) my shape is sure to change as a result of all the swimming & the new muscles that are going to be worked.

after the swim ed & i met noah down at the lake. we ran a quick 7 miles & all called it a day. i'm still iffy on the AT&T marathon in mid february. i suppose i don't want to give in; however, almost everyone is telling me that it's only going to conflict with my tri training & worse off it could slow me down due to the recovery time i'm going to need when the race is over when i'll need to be focusing on my tri training. we'll see - there is still time to decide either way.

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