Sunday, February 3, 2008

avocados & super bowl sunday

on friday, NPR ran a quick story about the number of avocados that will be consumed this super bowl sunday (patriots are going to beat up on the giants – 2008). while they said that some of these statistics were most likely exaggerated, one estimate was that americans will consume about 50 million pounds this weekend. holy guacamole!

so what does 50 million pounds of avocado look like? imagine a football field from end zone to end zone – 120 yards total long & 160 feet wide (each end zone is 10 yards deep) filled with avocados waist high on a 5’ 10’’ person.

avocados have become a staple around our house. it wasn’t until a few years ago that kristin fell in love with them. when she did, it seemed we couldn’t eat anything that didn’t have avocados on it – avocados still don’t compare to her fascination with mushrooms.

in the spirit of super bowl sunday i had my first fixing of avocados today after my long run. i had a big bowl of oatmeal with bananas & berries along with my coffee before heading out to run this morning at 8:00 am. when i returned home just after 10:00 am i was wiped & starving. to my surprise kristin was cooking up tilapia for me to enjoy as a post race lunch.

i heated up a couple of large wheat tortillas from whole foods, spread some spicy avocado sauce on them & dished out a fillet for each burrito. it was a perfect post workout meal – fish (protein), avocado (veggies with healthy fats), & wheat tortillas (good carbs & fiber). the best part of all – it was made with love & that’s one special ingredient! to my surprise the burritos went well with coffee too.

our friend carlos is having a super bowl party at his house later this afternoon & we plan on swinging by for a bit to see some of the “non-triathlon gang” that we haven’t seen since the new year & enjoy the game & various avocado dips that are sure to be on the table – carlos & his sister go overboard when it comes to preparing meals for dinner parties – they rock!

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Eryn said...

go go to curras and get their avocado margarita :-)

we went again last night!