Sunday, February 24, 2008

our right to vote

today fidel castro’s brother raul castro was annoucned as the new president of cuba following fidel’s recent resignation. while there were “elections” surrounding raul’s nomination they don’t come close to the liberties we have in the U.S. when it comes to electing our leaders.

many say that even if raul would not have won the election today, he would still be in charge behind the scenes & running the communist country. raul has controlled cuba’s communist army for the past 50-years & has been at his brother’s side (& in his shadow) since fidel took control in ’59. it was quite unlikely that he would lose...

while i firmly believe that the dollars that go into running a presidential campaign in the U.S. are absurd & should be more tightly controlled, the simple beauty that we all have the freedom to speak out & talk however we want to talk about the candidates is truly a marvel & highlights the types of freedom we are so lucky to enjoy. just this past week obama & clinton were debating here at the university of texas & while they weren’t the most “exciting” debates as so many were expected they did give the public (in austin) an opportunity to voice their questions & concerns.

we are lucky people & we must not forget that this freedom that we all enjoy today didn’t come for free & many before us gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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