Saturday, February 23, 2008

perfect outdoor weather

saturday, february 23, 2008 - austin, texas

what a wonderful day in austin, texas. if you live here & you own a bike, a dog, or a pair of running shoes shame on you if you didn’t get outside & enjoy it. weather like this is what we all dream of. both kristin & i made the most of it. kristin took payton for a run & worked in the front yard for a bit & i swam at barton springs this morning & then rode the mansfield dam loop with ed. when ed hit bee caves it was evident that we weren’t the only ones enjoying the weather – there were as many bikers on the road as there were cars! by the time we made our way back & were heading south on 360 you would have thought that everyone in austin owned a road bike – it really was awesome!

6am: 57°F, feels like56°F
9am: 62°F, feels like62°F
12pm: 73°F, feels like73°F
3pm: 78°F, feels like77°F

after returning to barton springs & packing up the car & heading home i slowed down when driving over town lake just to take a glimpse at all the runners, dog walkers, & folks out flying kites. austin is by far one of the greatest outdoors cities in the united states & by far the best in texas!

if you missed an outdoor adventure today, don’t make the same mistake again tomorrow!

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