Sunday, February 10, 2008

week5 - CDA training in 2008

and to think that this upcoming week is the looooonnnnnggggggg week! luckily the following week (lucky week #7) is going to be a rest week which means only 11+ hours of training.

week5 CDA '08
feb4 – feb10

- recovery ride at pure (45-mins)
- pilates at home (20-mins)
- light weights at home (15-mins)
- total: 1-hour & 20-mins
- 3000 meter swim with t3 (1-hour & 30-mins)
- spin bike at pure (1-hour & 45-mins)
- treadmill (3.2-miles – 380cals) at pure (30-mins)
- total: 3-hours & 45-mins
- light hill run in rosedale with pup (3.5-miles) (30-mins)
- total body workout at pure (50-mins)
- total: 1-hour & 20-mins
- spin bike at pure (1-hour & 45-mins)
- treadmill (3.1-miles – 400cals) at pure (30-mins)
- 2500+ meter swim with t3 (1-hour & 15-mins)
- total: 3-hours & 30-mins
- town lake run (7-miles) with ed (1-hour)
- yoga & pilates at pure (1-hour)
- total: 2-hours
- 2000+ meter swim with t3 (50-minutes)
- 70+ mile ride with t3 (3-hours & 30-minutes)
- town lake jog (3-miles) with payton (40-minutes)
- total: 5-hours
- long run (14-miles) at town lake (2-hours)
- total: 2-hours

total training time: 18-hours & 55-minutes
total run: 33.8 miles
total bike: 70+ road & 3-hours & 45-minutes spin bike
total swim: 4.7 miles or 7500 meters


Colleen Renee' said...

So I have to ask Brian. Is this the T3 schedule for the week #5?????????? Or are you adding things to it? Really? A 70 mile ride? That was on the schedule for week #5?

I would hate to see what your LONGGGGGGGGG week looks like. Once again, I am worried.

Are you feeling rested? Are you getting more than 5 hours a night? Are you listening to your body?

Brian Kirk said...

t3 was scheduled to go 60+. the group started out with two mopac loops waiting for chrissie & that's where the extra mileage came in. i got one loop in before the ride & one after. i'm not alone, ed & noah did this same ride. ed registered 75 or 76 (he we a few more miles than me). the swim prior to the ride takes a lot of you too.

i am feeling rested. sleeping 5 hours saturday night after a long day & then waking up to a 14-mile run sucked for sure. but i slept a good 7.5 hours last night & i'm going to take it "easy" today.