Friday, March 14, 2008

yellow trash

i think like so many other things you should have to subscribe or opt-in to receive the yellow pages phone book. anyone know how often the yellow pages company updates this BIG paper weight that only people like my grandmother still use? just last week they were dropping new yellow page books off in our neighborhood. lucky for me i was at home letting payton out at lunch & i was able to stop the delivery dude from dropping one on our porch. seriously, for the past 8 years every phone book i've received has ended up in the trash. of course today, if i were to receive one it would end up in the recycling bin.

the point isn't about recycling though. sure, these yellow paper weights should be recycled, but my point is that we don't need the BIG yellow book anymore. if you really feel like you do need it then you should have to subscribe to it & possibly pay for it versus every home & business in the US receiving these damn wastes of paper.

when i returned to the office after lunch today i found 6 yellow books in our lobby. at most we'd need one book for our our office & in all reality we don't even need one. if someone in our office doesn't know how to google for a phone number, then they shouldn't be working with us.

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Eryn said...

i don't know how to use can start filing my paperwork!