Sunday, May 18, 2008

son of rambow

i have know idea what i just witnessed. zia called me up this morning & said we should meet up this afternoon to watch this flick called 'son of rambow.' i'm a huge fan of indy films & normally i enjoy anything that is showing at the arbor theatre. unfortunately 'son of rambow' wasn't one of those movies. i walked out not knowing what just happened.

at best it was a cross between 'standby me' & 'first blood.' luckily i was with good people, i paid the matinee price ($6.50), & the movie didn't last much longer than a hour & a half.

if you do get/enjoy this movie, please ellaborate.


Greg said...

the fact that you kept dozing off probably didn't help you piece it all together

Brian Kirk said...

ok wise guy, so you tell me what the movie was about?