Tuesday, June 24, 2008

shifting gears

it's time to shift gears. this year is almost at the half way point & i've reached a breaking point with my working out (or lake thereof) & my weight. this year has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride thus far. like a roller coaster there were some really good times & some scary moments too. consider this past year:

- kristin & i begin raising our dog (payton)
- we sell the A4 & purchase a used 4runner
- began training for an IM
- kristin & i ran our first 1/2 marathon together

- i ran my first 1/2 IM & it was a real disappointment
- kristin & i fell in love with la jolla

- i went to my first pro basketball game

- i got promoted to VP business development & started traveling
- i withdrew from ironman training- we started house hunting

- we ran a 5K with my mom, brother, sister-in-law in austin
- we got rid of our cat (bevo)

- i goofed my trip to london
- after batting 0-3 with the house hunting we found like got a hit
- we may be moving to the burbs

with the 2nd half of this year just around the corner i hope to start off on the right foot. i'm finding myself getting more & more comfortable with my new position at the office. kristin & i appear to be done home shopping & if all goes as planned we'll move in the middle of august. kristin will be running her first marathon in san fran in october & i'm planning on running my first marathon the following month in san antonio.

tonight we toasted things with the oh so famous & oh so good plain cheesecake at pappadeauxs. it was my way of closing down the poor diet & lack of working out as well as toasting our new lifestyle from the burbs. a pull one of jeremy's tricks & put myself out there & declare no more of the laziness & back to a healthy lifestyle (full of "cat food" sandwiches & salad). today 187.5 & the goal is a solid 165 - 170.


Jeremy said...

Which burbs?
If you get the house with the same floorplan as M&T's, don't make their master bedroom your master bedroom--remember my story about Alvaro's parents. The thought makes me cringe.

Brian Kirk said...

that story is a classic! no wonder why alvaro & his folks don't call anymore.

the austin burbs - cedar park, tx! swimming pools, movie sta..., i mean kids, & toll roads, & gas guzzling SUVs! we got lured with the granite countertops.

Eryn said...

ok three things......

1. you got rid of bevo?? where did he go?
2. so they accepted your offer on the house? details please!
3. you actually ate at pappadeux's and didn't hate it....i can't stand that place.