Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i am an uncle (again)

sarah & jeremy are very very happy to announce the birth of their healthy baby boy. lewis abram kirk is a little guy at 6lbs 3oz, but he brought a lot of joy when he was born at 2:13pm august 10, 2008 at northwestern hospital in chicago.

that's the news my bro, jeremy, shared with the family via e-mail earlier today. how very cool for the two of them! jeremy said it was an amazing birth. sarah was in super shape both prior to & during her pregnancy & the docs said it paid off big time. the whole thing was over & done with in less than 2-hours!

when kristin & i got the call on sunday afternoon from jeremy sharing their great news we were paying bills & freaking out (as usual) about moving to the burbs. the phone call made us realize what's really important in life. yes, bills need to be paid & we need a roof over our heads, but the things that really matter in this world are your family, your friends, & your health.

it's a big, yet very small world that we all share. it's fun for me to think sometimes what others around the globe are doing. back to sunday... here I am paying bills with kristin & my brother & sarah are bringing a new life into this world. when we are all sleeping here in the U.S. tonight, world records are being broke in beijing & dreams are being fulfilled.

life, it is such a precious thing. let's not take it for granted.

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