Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a commitment to speed – update 1

i ran on the treadmill at pure austin last night while also watching the browns beat up on the giants; i feel sorry for you giant fans.

i did 3-miles in 0:28:16 which is 8 minutes faster than i did it sunday night at town lake when i made the commitment to go sub 18 minutes in the 3-mile. i’ve got an additional 10 minutes that i still need to shave off my time.

i’ll get there, don’t you worry!


Anonymous said...

dang ten min. is a lot!

is there an actual 3 mile race you're going to run in? or is this just Brian's race?

....and don't worry about us Giants fans (i'm not the biggest) but we're still happy with last year's Super Bowl win!

Brian Kirk said...

it is BK's race!