Sunday, October 12, 2008

a commitment to speed

call it a reality check, a wake-up call, whatever you want to call it – it hit me in the face this evening. i “ran” town lake as a way of wrapping up my weekend. one last opportunity to clear my head & raise my heart rate before the hectic work we begins again.

i started out feeling a bit stiff & i knew i was moving slow, but i would have never have guessed that it would take me 0:36:16:61 to finish a 3-mile loop. i felt like absolute dog crap when i finished my run. i knew right then that this “out-of-shape” phase of my life had to end.

kristin has been saying it for months & i’m finally listening. i need a race, i need a goal, i need something to drive me & push me to get back in the groove.

so this is it – i’m setting my own goal. not an ironman, not a marathon, not a century… i’m going back to the basics. back to where i started – the 3-mile. i’m not going to be competing with the likes of steve prefontaine; however, i’ll be competing with my own kirk record.

while stationed in hawaii i nailed a sub 18-minute 3-mile run a few times. that was over 10 years ago & it’s been a while since i’ve moved that fast. so that’s it, that’s what i’m chasing – a sub 18 minute 3-mile run. i’m giving myself 3-months to complete this goal. so come january 12, 2008 ask me if i’ve accomplished my commitment to speed.


Trevor Bača said...


that'll be one hell of a fast run from mopac to the footbridge and back ...

Anonymous said...

yeah that's hella fast.

p.s. i don't understand the correlation between your post and the smoke stacks!

Brian Kirk said...

@eryn three mile island - just happens to be one of the worst nuclear disasters ever.