Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my take on dubai

i was in dubai for work & as far as a work trip goes it was great. as for a hot travel destination, my recommendation is that you save your money & time. dubai was much like a vegas w/out casinos, it's a non-walking city, unless you were shopping at a local market you weren't getting any type of deal, & the hot restaurants & bars were full of waiting lists & food & drink minimums. i'm tired of wasting my time talking about dubai so i'll wrap things up with a quick list of my take on dubai:

- it's not a walking city
- so much construction!
- outside of traditional items, nothing is cheap!
- the cost of a coffee is the same as a cappuccino or latte - $4 to $5 bucks
- traffic is horrific
- it's a safe place
- unique smells (good & bad)
- you can find hummus & french fries on every menu
- the amount of construction workers are insane
- strict laws
- it all started with the crowne plaza dubai
- a rail is badly needed; it's under construction
- most good restaurants/bars have minimums on what you spend
- alcohol is super expensive!
- it's all about having the biggest mall, building, island, just fill in the blank.

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