Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the homie shot

i was introduced to the homies brand through work & since that initial introduction i have become a fan of what the homies brand represents.

i had the pleasure of having dinner with david gonzales, the brand’s creator a few months back. david’s stories about how the brand started & how it has matured through the years are fascinating. he has put a whole lot of heart & soul into creating this brand, the characters, & he works effortlessly to ensure a positive image surrounds his brand.

the breath of products that have been built around the homies brand today & that are possible for the future are vast. combine david’s super creative & amazing artwork, with the personality he gives each character it’s no wonder why the brand has been so well adopted & could fit with so many products.

being a big fan of caffeine & all that it does to “make a body good” i was thrilled to see the homie brand used in marketing a new energy shot. this little homie shot packs a BIG punch. it's full of lots of vitamin B & enough caffeine to wake elvis from the dead :) if you like those 5-hour energy shots, then you are going to go crazy over the homie shot because it’s a very similar product, but these little jewels actually taste good.

check out this homie shot video featuring homie character's macho & sancho. even if you don’t speak spanish, you’ll get a kick out of this short clip.

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