Monday, April 19, 2010

what it means to me to be back in the pool

it has been over a year since i’ve been in the pool for some reason other than a sun tan. the captextri is less than 6-weeks away & for that reason i could delay no longer.

yesterday i signed up for 2-weeks free at 24-hour fitness & this morning concluded my 2nd swim workout. while in the water this morning, on my drive back home, & making my oatmeal & eggs for breakfast (#2) some thoughts about what it meant to be back in the pool raced through my mind:

  • there is no better workout than builds muscles you didn’t know existed, it increases your endurances, & best of all it’s easy on your joints (unlike running or weights).
  • don’t judge a book by its matter how fit you look, it doesn’t mean anything when it comes to swimming. some of the most unfit looking people are some of the best swimmers ever.
  • swimming is a great excuse for having bad hair.
  • swimmers really do shave for a reason.
  • thinks swimming will be good for my allergies.
  • the more chlorine, less deodorant & showers required.
  • lots of wet clothes & gear to carry around...still NOT as bad as the leftovers from taking bikram yoga.
  • there is nothing better than coming home to a cup of fresh coffee after a morning swim.
  • swimming isn’t a sport, it’s an art form!
  • i will be hungry all day now after swimming in the morning.
  • if god had intended for me to swim, he would have given me gills & fins.
  • raccoon eyes can be cool...just own them!

if you haven’t tried swimming i highly recommend it, i think...


Anonymous said...

Yay for swimming. I was in the pool this am as well. And yes, I'm sooo hungry, I keep thinking about my stomach!

my raccoon eyes usually fade by 1ish :-)

my downside: my shoulders seem to keep getting bigger and bigger...

Brian Kirk said...

so you know Kristin is having her wedding dress made from her mom's & my mom's wedding dresses right?

when my mom sent her dress, it had shoulder pads in it...Kristin & i both laughed. "back in the day" large shoulders on ladies were hot. so i suspect it won't be too long until big shoulders show up again & are the hot thing ;)