Monday, December 24, 2007

biking & jo's coffee

saturday, december 22nd - 60+ degrees in austin, TX!

i met ed, jeff, & ken at J&As at 7:30 am. we were considering a 60 mile ride, however, the wind was picking up (gusts up to 30 mph) so we decided to do a quick 50 instead. minus the wind picking up a bit near the end of the ride the weather could not have been any better. i started the ride with arm warmers only & 1/2 way into the ride i had to pull them off because it was heating up so quickly.

we headed south & then crossed under I-35 just around buda. we headed east & were moving really fast. upon looping back we came flying down congress. i love returning from a ride & seeing our capital stairing you in the face. congress avenue is such a beautful road & watching south congress (SOCO) rise again with new shops, restaurants, etc. is so awesome.

i've probably passed jo's coffee ( 100 or so times & never thought to stop. in fact, just months ago kristin & i ate brunch with paul at el sol y la luna ( anyway, we were rolling in & just a mile or so from being done with our ride & one of the guys suggested we stop.

it was an awesome treat & a nice way to end the ride. here we were sitting out in the sun with temperatures just above 60 degrees & it's just days before christmas. austin is such a cool town & i'm so happy kristin & i now live so close to the things that make austin what it is. the conversation at the table was mostly about leadville ( these guys all did it last year & were talking about gearing up for it again next year. i think kristin would kill me if i sign up for another long distance race after CDA next year. i think we'll both need a break from long distance racing, but we'll see where we are after CDA & decide together.

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