Tuesday, December 18, 2007

who can beat 1 hour & 39 minutes?

i just spent 1 hour & 39 minutes on the phone with AT&T. we humans can handle just about anything can't we? the worst thing is, they still haven't completed my transaction. all i wanted to do was add kristin's number to my existing plan. in the course of that 1 hour & 39 minute conversation i got transferred to over 6 representatives. i'm currently awaiting a phone call back from gloria ratliff; we'll see if she calls. i would have never spent that amount of time on the phone, but i've got to get this transaction complete or kristin's previous employer is going to cancel her number & then she's got to get a new number. the last thing AT&T told me was that this "isn't working because you have an iPhone." so beware if you have an iPhone & want to add a number to your existing plan. i should have been at the pool swimming, not on the phone with AT&T tonight.

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kris said...

i was on the phone with sprint last week for over 8 hours and i have documentation to prove it. lucky for me i was doing it for work & the office was paying me for the time.