Monday, December 31, 2007

stuff to sell in 2008

normally folks consider all the things they want to buy for a new year (a house, a car, a BIG screen TV, a laptop, a pet, etc.). well this year we, well maybe just me, are starting the new year off with some stuff we need to sell/get rid of.

you all know that feeling of getting rid of stuff right? i feel like a "weight" has been lifted. i love it! i'm proud to say that each year kristin & i get rid of even more stuff that we don't really need. granted, kristin & i do have 5 bikes between us & i'm looking to buy another... i suppose that is my BIG purchase of '08, a full carbon tri bike! anyway, that's probably the only area that we have excess & in all honesty i need a road, mountain, & tri bike - they all serve *very* different purposes. i will most likely sell my existing tri bike when i get a new one, or just permanently leave it attached to the trainer & kristin is definitely selling her crosstrail bike this year (hasn't ridden it once in the 6 years that we've been together).

so what's all on the chopping block for '08?

- the '03 audi A4 is the biggest of the things we need to sell
- the new sofa we bought in sept. & already hate
- my pull-up/dip/leg-lift machine (no room for it)
- the crosstrail bike
craigslist here we come!

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