Tuesday, January 1, 2008

first thing learned in 2008

something interesting about car insurance, at least in our case. it's actually going to cost more to have the same level of insurance on the '99 4runner than it is to cover an '03 a4 or the '06 4runner. it's about $100 more a year than the a4 & about $70 more a year than the '06 4runner. i would have thought for sure it would have cost way less. maybe after some time we'll drop the comp & collision on the '99 4runner. one thing that the agent from amica said was that newer cars just have more safety features & it usually costs more to get parts for older cars because they aren't as readily available. in the case of the 4runner i don't think the parts example is true because i see a crap load of 4runners with the same body style on the road everyday. oh well, lesson learned. i suppose this is my first learning experience of '08.


Paul said...

you would think that having more safety features would lower your insurance on a newer vehicle of the same make and model. Isn't the purpose of more equipped safety feature to lessen the probability of severe personal injury and its associated costs in the event of a collision, especially with rising healthcare costs? And if parts cost more on older make/models, wouldn't it make more sense for the rates to be higher to compensate the replacement costs in the event of an accident? I guess the insurance people can get away with saying just about anything since they all know we need insurance (i have amica too). Maybe they should just go ahead and rephrase the saying that we can't avoid to two things (death and taxes) to three (death, taxes, and insurance).

Brian Kirk said...

i hear ya!