Saturday, January 26, 2008

3M race goodies

all organized races (meaning you pay an entry fee) offer some time of race bag. the “race shirt” has become an expected item these days. depending on how big the race is (how much your entry fee is & how many sponsors are involved) depends on what else you can expect in that race bag. while i’ve yet to experience an ironman race bag (my first one is coming up in march) i suspect at a minimum you get a good quality shirt, a nice visor, a nice water bottle, & crap loads of gus, bite-size cliff bars, lara bars, etc. BTW, if you know how i can get some bite-size cliff bars or lara bars without entering a race please tell me – they are the perfect size to carry & eat while on the bike.

yesterday kristin picked up our race packets for the 3M ½ marathon. as expected we got the “race shirt.” it’s actually made of good cotton & is long sleeve – totally rocks! we also got a few flyers for other upcoming races, some discount coupons at local sport shops & physical therapy shops. what we didn’t get were any nutritional goodies – not a one!

so what else was in the bag? enough 3M products to amaze even the most senior of administrative assistants (aren’t i so PC?). each bag was filled with different items from 3M’s suite of products. we’ve got all types of post-its, tapes, ear plugs, adhesive strips, etc. the one item that kristin & i both laughed at was the “on-the-go” post-its. i didn’t know that post-its were to be used for anything other than quick notes that you can post anywhere or take with you. marketers have a special magic when they can label one set of post-its “on-the-go” & the other traditional post-its & charge folks more for the “on-the-go” ones.

anyhow, if you need any tape or post-its over the next year we have plenty to share. wish us a good time at 3M tomorrow. i swam this morning & rode the spin bike for 1.5 hours just to stay warm for the race. tonight, kristin & i are going to enjoy dinner at casa (vegan restaurant) & get to bed early!

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