Sunday, January 27, 2008

kristin conquers 3M

today was a great day for the 3M 1/2 marathon in austin. the weather is currently 68-degrees & it is sunny out. as late as saturday morning it was 36-degrees out & it felt cold - trust me, i was swimming in it!

anyhow, today i ran my first race of 2008 & the best part about it was that i was running it with kristin. it was kristin's first long distance race event & she totally nailed it! she ran 9:05 minute miles to finish with a race time of 1:58:56 (under two hours)!

i did this race for the first time back in 2005 & i was also 27 years old. i remember how i could barely walk afterwards. my training was crap & i paid for it the days following the race. not kristin - she trained smart & rather than having to be rushed home & soaked in a bath like i had to be 3 years ago she headed out to brunch right afterwards with my folks, her parents, & one our best friends. she happily ordered a glass of champagne, followed quickly by a mimosa, with her migas. it was a couple of drinks & a meal well deserved. way to kick some butt girlfriend!

on the drive home from manuel’s kristin started telling me she wanted to sign up for the chicago marathon later this year in october. registration opens up on february 1st so we'll see :)

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