Sunday, January 27, 2008

3M 3-years later

older, wiser, & faster!

01/30/2005 – chip time 1:57:56 (9:00 minute mile) – age 27
01/27/2008 – chip time 1:29:16 (6:49 minute mile) – age 30

i had a great day today. it was great having kristin out there on the road with me. i also saw a number of great friends on the course – always encouraging. i have to thank john for running as fast as he does & being there to motivate me to push myself really hard those last two miles! it also rocked that my folks, kristin’s folks, my aunt bev & uncle al, & my cousin angela & her husband jim (who ran the race after having one too many last night) were out there cheering for us. thanks also to alex & eryn, julie, patti for cheering for kristin & i – although i didn’t see any of you :). & thanks to trevor for being there at the end & for enjoying brunch with us & not once picking a political fight with my dad.

i’m a long way from being ready for coeur d’ alene, but damn this was a good start for 2008 finishes! a special thanks to my beloved kristin who continues to support me & is there every morning to kick me out of bed when that alarm clock goes off!

next race on the schedule – oceanside (a half ironman) in san diego!


Eryn said...

we got there a little too late to see your ass but we were able to meet kris at two corners.

while we were driving alongside the runners on burnet alex thought it would be hilarious if he pretended that he saw kris, which would prompt me to stick my head out the window and yell, "GO KRIS!"

turns out she wasn't there and i got a lot of strange glances!

Brian Kirk said...

i'm sure there was a kris/chris in the vicinity of your yelling & appreciated it. good crowd presence rocks! thoughts on signing up to volunteer at AT&T?