Sunday, January 27, 2008

our little man is growing up

i weighed payton late saturday night. when we got him exactly one month ago from this past saturday he weighed 47 pounds. not a bad size for a 5-month old pup. as of saturday night’s weigh in he weighed 58 pounds. in the last month he's put on 11 pounds. that’s not bad for a pup that is also running a solid 6 – 9 miles a week & walking at least 5 – 7 a week.

according to the dog experts he's coming out of kiddy stage & graduating into adolescence. months 6 – 18 are supposed to be some of the best. he should still have that puppy energy, yet he *should* really begin to calm down & not have everything involve so much trial & error. what kristin & i are both looking forward too is taking him to the many awesome dog parks in town. our vet recommended we wait until he’s had his final distemper shot & then we can let him loose.

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