Sunday, January 27, 2008

the trainer

i figured i'm going to spend some serious hours on the trainer so i decided to see what i look like on one. quite easy to do when your phone is also your iPod & camera too.

i'm borrowing a buddies trainer at home which comes in handy. at the same time, it's nice to use the gyms equipment, sweaty up their floors & not my own, & take advantage of cable TV for days when you just want to be distracted by the TV for 2+ hours.

i've learned that i can really zone out watching the food network. minus the commercials i'm locked in. there is something i find just so relaxing yet appealing about watching someone cook up all types of food. for me, diet & nutrition are just as important to my training as is logging the actual time in the water, on the bike, & running. let's not forget the value of recovery time too. for the past few weeks my diet & nutrition have been superb. i've added so many good veggies & carbs to my array of foods that i sample given kristin's love for cooking & her recent switch to a mostly vegetarian based diet.

so if i've got to get on the bike & i don't feel like hitting the roads, then me & the food channel are going to have some long hours together this season. if i had my choice of chefs to watch it would inlclude giada de laurentiis, emeril lagasse, & mario batali.


Eryn said...

so is your new thing to take pics of yourself while training?

i expect the next one to be while in the pool! :-)

Brian Kirk said...

i'll probably have to have someone else take this picture. the iPhone is cool, but not water proof :) i suppose i was looking at my blog & i realized i didn't have many pics of me. also, i've decided that using the "small pic" option vs. the "medium pic" option works better. i could still use some graphic designing help to spruce the blog up - maybe something you could help me with during an afternoon coffee/tea break?