Sunday, January 20, 2008

avocado + fish tacos

how could i forget the avocado? avocado is a must on fish taco night. whole foods had a sale on tilapia last week & we must have had fish tacos three nights this past week. kristin says the are "easy" & i just think they are amazing.

so what makes the perfect fish taco at our house?

3 tilapia fillets cooked on a pan with diced tomatoes & green chillies, whole wheat (burrito size) tortillas from whole foods, avocado obviously!, fat free sour cream, black soy beans, & optionally queso fresco.

lucky for us the fillets were on sale again this weekend & i foresee a good number of nights with fish tacos this week!

i'd post a pic but some how i've missed taking one & all the google image results don't come close to what we put together. i'll take a pic later in the week & post it.

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