Monday, January 21, 2008

bikini fans

i'm surprised that i'm talking (blogging) so much about the green bay game too... it really was a disappointment. i mean, this is probably favre's last year & for them to go the super bowl against the patriots would have made for such good marketing & hype. how in the world did they loose at home in that crazy weather?

enough with the game, how about those bikini girl fans? did you miss seeing these girls on the camera yesterday? how nuts will fans get? is it really worth it to be on TV? my answer is yes!

for 2 minutes they probably froze their nipples off - literally ;). in that two minutes their faces, well their bodies, were seen by millions & now with all the web attention they've probably been viewed & talked about by hundreds of millions. granted, it's not the most respectable thing to be known for. of course, it wasn't like they were stripping - millions of women wear bathing suits everyday around pools & beaches. it's the cold weather aspect that makes it a "big deal." their stunt worked & they've created a lot of fun chatter & probably brought smiles to a lot of faces.

i suppose if fans are going to show off their bodies for the camera i prefer it be "bikini girls" versus the usual overweight fat man that's drinking his beer & eating a mouthful of chili dogs with his buddy.

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