Monday, January 21, 2008

dogs & dinner

this past saturday eryn & alex invited us over for dinner. eryn suggested we bring payton so we did! from the get go the dogs were chasing one another. well actually, payton was chasing saci (acronym for the school that eryn & alex attended in florence) the entire night. well not exactly all night, alex locked saci away in her crate just prior to sitting down for dinner - poor dog locked away on her home turf while payton was left to roam freely!

minus the dog frenzy we had a great time & the food was amazing - i took multiple pics! i've never seen a salad with so many fruitful colors. we started with some homemade soup that was sprinkled with roasted pine nuts & complimented with bruchetta (made with a soft pumpernickel bread). in between soup & salad we had a variety of olives. then the salad came & it too was awesome - so many colors folks! have you ever had blackberries in a salad? if you haven't you must try it. then to the main course - salmon! & finally a medley of frozen fruits whipped into a homemade sherbert & coffee made with a real french press.

lucky for me, eryn made a lot of everything & given the training i was in for the next day & what i had experienced that morning i wasn't shy with eating two bowls of soup, 3 pieces of bruchetta, 2 plates of salad, & 2 1/2 pieces of salmon!

when payton finally calmed down alex let saci out of her crate. we ended up watching 'knocked up' - kristin & i hadn't seen it before. we started with 'superbad', but kristin wasn't enjoying the humor all that much.

to sum up the night: the food was amazing & when you let dogs crash your party you shouldn't expect to have long deep conversations & resorting to a movie can be a good fall back plan :)

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Eryn said...

i love that you posted the link for SACI. that school was so amazing!!!!!

glad u enjoyed the meal!