Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i felt like a million bucks when i woke up this morning! it was nice to have the day off from training yesterday (i did light weights & pilates at home last night). i woke up at 5 to 5 & didn't need to be out of the house until 5:45 so i started the coffee, made some oatmeal, & hopped online to pay some bills & attempt to catch up on some home budgetary items.

i met ed at 6am for hill repeats. we choose to stay away from wilke as i'll be doing 3M this weekend & we wanted to change things up anyway. i don't recall the street name but it's just a few blocks shy of coming to wilke & it starts with a long steady incline & then jets way up. it was good, i got my lucky 7 repeats in.

great day at the office too (first time i've introduced work to my blog). it involved a lot of talking & not e-mails, responding to fires, or writing docs all day. i had a 2 1/2 hour lunch with my boss at kenobi sushi (a new sushi restaurant in the arboretum where dan mcclusky's used to be) & when i returned to the office i took gene, one of our senior systems architects, over to the steeping room in the domain where we enjoyed a reserve oolong tea & edamame while we discussed the R&D required for a pretty cool new project that i can't talk about publicly (NDA & stuff). i do enjoy being able to step outside the office to work; especially really focused work where the effect of a new environment lets you explore new ideas.

finally & why i started this blog... so i left the office just in time to make it down south for 7:10 swim practice with t3. it was freezing - 36 degrees & i prior to stripping down to swim i was only wearing a short sleeve shirt & a thin jacket - i should have checked the weather more closely this morning. i suppose the news of dropping short term interest rates by the federal reserve & the ongoing talk about a recession distracted me. back on track brian - get to the point!

2000 meters into my swim my left foot cramped up. i was able to shake it off luckily & keep going. then 500 meters later my left calve totally seized up & it hurt like hell! i was helpless in the water & done for the night. the calve muscle basically locked up for a good minute & now two hours later & it is still sore. lesson to be learned here - stretch & ensure you have the right balance of electrolytes in your system. i suppose i'll have to start taking nuun again.

long story short - cramps suck & so does 36 degree weather!


Eryn said...

oh man cramps while swimming are the worst. i used to get them in my feet ALL THE TIME. i was always told it was because i needed more potassium in my diet....bananas, tomatos, etc...

Brian Kirk said...


Colleen Renee' said...

Hey there! So Rainbow Bend, I would have to send you a map with link. I can do that. I have been working out with the Wildflower Team on Wed mornings which is a hill workout at 545 AM, and it kicks my ASS. But I love it! I am training with Texas Iron for IM. I am swimming with T3. I get my weekly schedule from Texas Iron. I just like the run/bike workouts a little better and it's a bit cheaper on my wallet.