Tuesday, January 15, 2008

iPhone release 1.1.3

never before have i been excited to update software… in fact, every time my PC tells me it is time to update i fight with it for days before i’ll let it force me into a reboot. today, for the first time i rushed to download release 1.1.3 for the iPhone. what’s so special about this release?

all i really cared about was being able to text message the same text to multiple people without having to type out the same exact message over & over & then send it individually to each person. if you were wondering why you didn’t get a “happy new year” text from me it was because i would have had to type “happy new year” 20 times to send it to the 20 people i would have wished a happy new year to. i cursed the iPhone immediately when i realized this so called “feature” didn’t exist a day after i got the phone. i was amazed that apple of all companies missed this very simple use-case.

other than the multi-person text “feature”, release 1.1.3 allows you to arrange your icon view, find yourself on the map, the map interface is a bit more intuitive, you can now download 3rd party apps to your iPhone, & you can rent movies from iTunes.

the other so called “feature” that i’m waiting on is the ability to be on the phone & use the internet at the same time. say i’m on the phone & the person i’m talking to asks me the hours to a store, if i put the person on hold or just jump to safari the edge/wi-fi network is disabled. i have to hang up with the person i’m talking to, use safari to find the store’s hours & then call the person back to tell them the store hours.

apple will eventually get it right – i’m sure of it.

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Colleen Renee' said...

yes....just believe Brian!! Um...forget about the iPhone..I am ready for my MacBook Air. Hello!!!!!