Sunday, January 6, 2008

obama smokes

barack obama is a true intellectual in my opinion. obama graduated from columbia & harvard law school. while at harvard he was president of the harvard law review. while i know many people with power have their degrees paid for, i believe without a doubt that obama earned his. i’ve listened to him during the debates & on NPR & have also read excerpts from his book & there is no hiding his ability to think.

i suppose that’s why it’s so hard from me to understand why the man smokes. i understand addiction; however, anyone with half a brain knows how bad smoking is for you. while this one bad habit won’t prevent me from voting for him, it would bother me if our next president was a smoker when everyone understands the health risks associated with smoking.


Eryn said...

i totally wouldn't keep me from voting for him. but i really don't want our leader to have such a horrible, disgusting habit.

i'm surprised by this, doesn't he know that this will effect his campaign in more ways than one?

seriously......quit that shit obama!

Paul said...

I guess D.A.R.E. is out of the question for Obama. It all makes sense now! That's why he wants universal health insurance.