Sunday, January 20, 2008

an update on my eagle entrepreneurs - 2008 take I

paul & his partner richard launched their website a couple of weeks ago. i was lucky enough to be partner one's first customer shortly after they finalized their reseller agreement with dell. that is right, SQ-0001 was processed by my company networkIP. i have talked to paul about once a week since he started partner one. we talk about current projects that i've got going & i suspect partner one to be an integral part to two of our biggest projects this year that will involve hardware procurement.

paul is always on top of his game & has the information i need on time. while i know paul is very busy with all that goes into turning up his business - he has never once denied me the time on the phone when i've called & in fact he goes out of his way to keep me up to date & dialogue with me at length about what he has going on.

i really hope all of paul's customers see what i see in him & partner one. thanks for always taking care of networkIP & more importantly thanks for being such a good friend at the same time.


Paul said...

i am so exciting to be a part of your blog! i apologize for being behind on my readings and have been working my way backwards from your most current article. i am so happy to hear about Roland's growing success with his kayak store. i look forward to kayaking soon for the first time and definitely know who to best turn to in Austin!

Brian, you are the meaning of a true friend. The content of your character is genuine for as long as i have known you. i have been blessed with the privilege to be your friend, happy to see you found your wonderful best friend, Kris, have the pleasure to meet your Mom and Dad (and Brothers in the future!), see you excel in your career in such a short period, and watch how you push yourself to overcome great obstacles to help others. i remember times when starting off in tech support and needed help solving problems. you always took the time out of your busy task to help me. i remember your good friend, Rob Scarpelli sticking up for me from one of ol' Simplified's customers. did i ever tell you that story? my first two hours of tech support, i took a call from patti at phonetime on a ticket case. i was nervous and unconfident on how to resolve the issue. while on the phone with her, she put me on hold to call Rob who was standing next to me and asked who was the idiot that she was speaking to. Rob told me what she said after i heard him tell patti to back off on the new guy. i will never forget the flowers that reached me during my darkest moment in life. even through my silence, your friendship found its way and grieved with me. i can think of many other kind actions that you and many of our friends have done for my behalf. these experiences make me realize how important it is to live and improve myself to be a better person. the type of friends that we have is a reflection on how we choose to live our life. when we choose to live a good, meaningful life, our actions and decisions eventually lead us to be surrounded by great people, ideas, and opportunities to enrich each other. i won't deny that hard-work helped play a part with rich and me in starting our new company, but i could not have done it without my friends and their belief, support, advice, experiences, and confidence passed on to me. it is the reason that rich and me found it very important to address it in our homepage. it is my tribute to you and thanks for always being there for me and i HOPE that i can give back as much and then some for what you, Kris, and the crew have kindly given me. i write this with all of my sincerity and you know my word is only one of two things that i won't break (my balls are the other!) your best friend always, paul.

Brian Kirk said...

thank you for the kind words paul & please know that i value you & our friendship more than i can express here with words.