Sunday, January 20, 2008

an update on my eagle entrepreneurs - 2008 take II

the attached pic & story date back to early december actually. it was the first time i visited roland's lakeline watersports shop. i was blown away with his inventory & the custom kayak racks he had built to show off his product. he has turned this little shop into the real deal very quickly.

anyway, on that rainy day back in december another buddy of roland's & myself drove out to a baby clothing store in cedar park to pick up a used check-out counter for his shop. roland had initially set up a folding table & was now upgrading to a more legit setup. it would be the place for which he would soon take in large sums of cash - i hope :)

as of right now roland continues to do well; even in the colder months of the year. he's actually bringing more technology on board to make things easier & more efficient for himself & his operations. he's currently shopping the iPhone to use as a mobile internet connection so he can process transaction while on the road.

keep it up roland & when are we going camping this year?


Bones said...

Well, I got the iPhone! I have yet to process a transaction but looking forward to it. Many have said the iPhone is not a business phone. I now challenge myself to prove everyone wrong.

Yes, camp we will. Heather is due in March so we'll have to plan for something in late February.

Brian Kirk said...

it happened to me again today... i was on a conf call & was able to use the hold/add another call to an existing call feature with ease. then someone on the conf call asked what the weather was in austin & switched to the weather bug on the phone & i got "sorry, can not enable edge network" message. so stupid. anyhow, you'll look cool with your new iPhone even if you do have the handicap cover on it & i hope it helps you make millions!