Sunday, January 20, 2008

yoga was overdue

this past friday i took my first yoga class of the year. i actually goofed the schedule at pure & it turned out to be a yoga/pilates class & in all honesty i liked it more than just the plain hatha flow yoga i attend occasionally.

this second week of ironman training, along with work (which like a lot of folks i know right now is consuming a lot of time & it is full of deadlines), dog training (payton is great - it just takes a lot of work - kristin is being a real trooper with him!), considering a home purchase, trying to sell a car, my father coming into town this past week, both of my folks coming into town next weekend for the 3M 1/2 marthon, & trying to spend time with the one i love was all just wearing on me.

the yoga was great!. i went at lunch on friday & the breathing & stretching really helped. i'm not sure which one was better - they were both needed! i've decided from this point forward i'm going to include yoga/pilates into my weekly routine. i really want to try out bikram yoga which is supposed to make you super sweaty & is considered a very tough workout.

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