Sunday, January 20, 2008

twenty six

i wish i was talking about a marathon... oh btw, i don't think i'm doing the AT&T full marathon. maybe the 1/2 marathon just for fun & to get some of the energy that comes with a race of that size.

the twenty six i'm referring to was the temperature this morning. my buddy colleen blogged about her morning too & she was reporting
18 degree weather - i think she was just being *extra* dramatic or maybe her temperature gauge is just broke :)

yesterday was already a pretty cold morning too, but i didn't have to strip & swim & then jump on my bike & ride in it. i suppose sometimes you just do what you've got to do! i was at lost creek country club to swim with t3 just before 8am & i was in the water 15 minutes later. when that tarp comes off the water & the steam rises from the pool all you want to do is jump in. we swam for about an hour & 15 minutes. ed had setup a mansfield damn loop leaving from lost creek & 360 so we quickly changed over into our warmest biking gear after jumping out of the water & we took off.

the full finger gloves, long tights, & head band i purchased paid for themselves BIG time today. i still need some booties or something because my feet were frozen for the whole ride. it wasn't my best ride (more to come in my next blog) by any means; it was however a good mental experience for me & for that i'm very thankful that i got out there & did it!

how many more months of this cold weather?


Colleen Renee' said...

Don't be commenting on my blog and the coldness!!! :) I got up and looked on my trusty mac and the widget told me 18 stinking degrees...ok??? And when I got into Shelley's car about 1 hour later her trusty BMW said 24 degrees. No drama, it was cold.

Brian Kirk said...

ok, when you woke up i'll give you that :) now when you got out "in it" was is still 18 degrees?