Wednesday, February 20, 2008


i received an e-mail ad from apple this morning that was promoting the new $49 price tag for the 1GB iPod (what we use to call the shuffle). upon first glance at the ad i was a bit frustrated that the first shuffle i purchased cost a $100 (this was the 512MB version that was first released) & less than 6-months ago kristin & i each bought ourselves new shuffles for $79 bucks. in the past two years kristin & i have spent $258 for 3 shuffles & today that same amount of cash would buy 5 shuffles. of course i understand that to be an early adopter you end up paying more & getting less – you of course are also the “cool kid” on the street for those first 6-months too. obviously as we move further into the future the price of technology items will drop. hell, you can buy a DVD player (don’t get me started on the whole HD DVD/Blu-ray thing) at grocery store for less than a $100 bucks.

you know what i really want apple to come out with & what i’d be happy to spend $49 bucks on is something to wrap my damn ear phones for my shuffle, my iPod, or my iPhone around. i spend more time trying to untangle those damn things than i do using them for listening to music. this has been a BIG frustration of mine for sometime. now that i’m on the spin bike quite a bit & i am relying on my iPod to keep me company through these workouts the need for an iWrapper is more immediate than ever.

any of you inventors have an idea or know of a good substitute to keep my headphones from getting all wrapped up? oh, & i’m talking about something for the headphones that come with the apple products – i still want those cool white buds hanging from my ears :)


Jeremy said...

You mean something like this?

It's only $2.50, but I am willing to accept the other $46.50 as a finders fee. j/k

-- Jeremy

Brian Kirk said...

that's awesome1 i bet the shipping for that $2.50 device is $40 bucks though which doesn't leave you much of a finder's fee :)

Jeremy said...

Unfortunately you're probably right.
One of these days online retailers will learn to build shipping in to their pricing model.

If you've never noticed the steady stream of UPS men that come to our office for me... I order a lot of stuff online. I have an Amazon Prime subscription so I get free 2 day shipping from Amazon and I love it.

I have been meaning to order one of those core things for a few years the shipping is probably the same if we ordered a couple of them.

Brian Kirk said...

no way would they build it into their pricing - they wouldn't be able to advertise $2.49 if they built in shipping. they want to grab your attention with a low price & then they profit on the shipping :)

a prime amazon account... how did you get that? assuming you have to spend "x" each month on amazon to qualify?

i may ask you to order another protein shaker with the wire mesh inside - i seem to have lost mine. i've been looking all over for it & i've been lost without it.

Jeremy said...

True they get you with the shipping & HANDLING... it's the handling bit I always found fishy.

Amazon prime is $80 for the year, but it's worth it if you order a lot of stuff. Of course I am not sure how long the free shipping takes down here, but in NY is was always a long time.

Sorry you only get one cool shaker...