Wednesday, February 20, 2008

my never ending battle with mayo

i have a constant battle avoiding mayonnaise when visiting sandwich joints. i just can't stand mayo & yes i know i'm a bit over the top about my resistance to mayo - that's just me... below is a comment that i sent to panera bread after i ate & made good use of their free Wi-Fi at their location in waco tonight. & no, i'm not really allergic to mayo.

i drive between austin & dallas quite often for business. it's been a nice relief from the usual road-side stops to now have a panera bread available for coffee, sandwiches, etc. on my way back to austin tonight i stopped for a cup of coffee & sandwich. i ordered a turkey on whole wheat with avocado, tomatoes, roasted peppers, spinach, onions, & spicy mustard with an apple on the side (again it's nice to have a healthy alternative even if i've got to build my own sandwich). anyhow, my sandwich came with a bit of mayo on it where the sandwich was sliced in half. i returned the sandwich to the window explaining that i'm severely allergic to mayo & while the sandwich looked great i can't touch it with the mayo on it. the girl, natalie, behind the counter was an absolute doll & was happy to remake the sandwich & take extra care to ensure it was sliced with a clean knife this time around.

the point of this comment is to highlight two things. first to note the excellent customer service by natalie - so nice for her to politely & understandably take the sandwich back & then personally bring it to me at my table & tell me they she made it a point to ensure that there wasn't a drop of mayo on this new sandwich. the new sandwich she brought me was amazing by the way! the second reason for this comment is to suggest using clean knives for cutting sandwiches. maybe you've got a vegan who doesn't want their sandwich cut with a knife that touched meat or you've got someone like me that is allergic to an ingredient & i don’t want that knife that just cut that ingredient then used to cut my sandwich.

great customer service, i enjoyed the food, & please consider cleaning your knives (or any other cooking utensils used to make your dishes) between sandwiches.

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