Thursday, February 14, 2008

a real sweet treat

i've been watching a lot of the food network while at the gym recently. given that today is thursday a number of the chef’s have focused on decadent deserts & treats. you know, chocolate fudge this, caramel that, ice cream & whip cream on top sort of thing. the audience (especially the emeril lagasse audience) always oohs & ahhs as more chocolate or more whip cream is added to an already overwhelming sweet dish.

my mom didn’t fix many treats growing up. pies, excluding the cheery cream cheese pie with graham cracker crust she would make about twice a year, were never seen, cookies included oatmeal & peanut butter during the year & sugar cookies around christmas, & cakes here & there. even as a kid i didn’t like the sweet frostings on cakes & by the time i was in middle-school i’d always ask for just ice cream when it came to bday celebrations. so as a kid, i never did have the sweet tooth. although i had plenty of cavities growing up so go figure.

today, sweets are the further thing from an appetizing meal. not only do they do zero for my body, they in-fact have a negative effect on not only how i look but on how i feel. sleepy, sluggish, & just “fat.” so when it comes to a treat i like something that is good for me & tastes good to. for example, for today’s treat (i’m off today) i chopped up a red silk pear, threw in some pitted prunes, & topped it off with dry roasted no-salt almonds. for a kick, as emeril would say, i enjoyed it with a cup of black joe! beat that food network :)

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