Wednesday, February 13, 2008

obama is on a roll!

obama has taken 8 straight primaries now & for the first time he has taken a lead over clinton with the number of delegate votes. a lot of folks remarked about mitt romney's exit speech from the race & how he really let it all hang out there & show his true feelings. if you think romney's exit speech was charismatic i hope you got to listen to obama last night in virginia.

images of our early founders, lincoln, & dr. king flashed through my head. he's steadfast on addressing change & hope. as a man, he exemplifies what we refer to as the american dream & the opportunities this land & our government provide for us all. remember he was born to two very young college students. his biological father split when he was two years old. there was never a lot of money - they weren't rich. he worked very hard in school from the beginning - he graduated from columbia & harvard. my point is, the guy worked very hard to get where he is - he earned it!

in last night's speech in virginia he began to say "when i am president" versus "if i am president." it's just a matter of time folks! he won me over again last night when he addressed pumping more cash into education reform (grants to college students). he said he would do it, but these kids would have to work for it - volunteer at VA hospitals, volunteer for community service, join the peace corps, etc. this is what i'm all about. our government should provide assuming we give back too! this isn't what i'm used to hearing from the democrats.

obama & clint are coming to austin next thursday – i can’t wait to see him in person.


Trevor Baca said...

absolutely agree. and what's particularly amazing to me is that every once in a while -- not all the time, but every once in a while -- i actually hear conservatives considering obama. in texas, no less. i didn't think such a thing was possible ...

Brian Kirk said...

you mean the "obamicans" :) obama referenced those shy/silent republicans in his speech last night too - it was pretty hilarious.

Jeremy said...

I am hoping Obama can bring about some real change. I feel like I got ripped off after the last Congressional elections when the Dems promised changed, but all we've gotten is more rubber stamping of Bush's insane agenda.


I say if you support the troops, then we need to bring them home Iraq was a mistake and they are dying because of Bush's lies.

If you are a true patriot then you should be repulsed by the freedoms that have been revoked from the American people by this administration in the name of so-called security. I don't know about you, but I don't feel any more secure.


I think Obama can fix what has been broken. In fact today I am going to do something I have never done: Contribute money to a candidate.

Trevor Baca said...

right there with you, jeremy. and ahead of you: i started regular contributions in january :-)