Tuesday, February 12, 2008


i was pretty tired this morning when i got to the pool at 5:45am. i was hoping to get to bed early last night before i got to far behind on sleep this week. i didn’t “hit the hay” so to speak until 11:15 so waking up was a bit rough this morning.

when i walked on the pool deck i just headed to the lane coach mo pointed at. he yelled out to do a 200-meter warm-up & so i was off. 75-meters into it & i was feeling so tired – it didn’t help that i did a good number of bench presses at home yesterday morning… after i finished the warm-up i went to “the board” to see what my first drill was going to be. 4x 300-meter swims! what the heck i thought to myself… i glanced to the top of this morning’s workout when i noticed i was doing a t-two & not a t-one workout. coach mo had bumped me up at a lane! (t-one = beginner, t-two = intermediate, & t-three = rock star swimmers!) i then scanned to the bottom of the workout to see how many meters this workout was going to total – 3,200-meters! that’s 2-miles folks.

i quickly wrapped my head around this workout & thought to myself that if coach mo put me here then he thought i was ready so i would just hit it & hit it hard! by the end of those first 4x 300-meter drills my upper body was toast but i kept on moving with a positive attitude throughout the workout & was excited to be in the t-two lane & be adding this type of mileage to my weekly routine.

when i finished, i felt really good. i was tired for sure, but happy that i did it! coach told me that i looked good in the water too so the extra reinforcement of my performance helped a lot & i hope when i return for my 2nd swim workout this week i’ll get to continue swimming with the “big boys.”

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Jeremy said...

Great job... you are kicking ass!